KnR Medical Supplies

A ceiling hoist improves 
the working environment 

KnR Medical Supplies staff can expertly mount lifting equipment to the ceiling to free up space for walking and moving around a room. Hoists are beneficial to the carer and user in their time-saving nature and the ease of use to operate a lift or move. Use of ceiling hoists reduces the risk of strain and injury to the carer.

The Guldmann hoists installed by KnR Medical Supplies are capable of dealing with weights ranging from 175kg up to 500kg. The hoists can be fitted in professional or domestic care settings and the basic lifting and moving tasks can be operated by a single carer.




Always ready for use


Runs effortlessly and silently with
gentle, gradual start and stop


Simple, intuitive operation,
emergency stop and emergency lowering


Space for good posture, freedom
of movement and ergonomically sound operation


More time for care


Effective and thoughtful lifting

The Guldmann hoists, provided by KnR Medical Supplies, can be specifically configured to suit the space being fitted out, from a domestic situation to larger care facilities and hospitals.