Floor lifters – comfort and safety

GL5 Mobile lifters constitute a floor-based alternative to ceiling-mounted lifting and moving systems. 

Two versions of the GL5 model are available with lifting capacities of 155 and 205 kg, respectively. Both versions feature automatic lifting and electric width setting. The GL5 has a maximum lifting height of 1,759 mm, which makes it possible to lift a person directly from the floor.

GL5 models feature a wide range of functions and can be used in almost all lifting and moving situations that may arise in a professional care setting. Moreover, they are so well designed that carers always have sufficient room to work in order to ensure the comfort and safety of the user.

These floor-based lifters are easy to use and make it simple to lift users from floor level if they have suffered a fall, for instance. The lifters can be operated using a hand control or a control panel, and the smoothly running wheels and ergonomic push-handles make them extremely manoeuvrable.

GL5 Mobile lifters can be charged using the lifter itself or externally via a battery.


GL5 Mobile Lifters

  • Handle most lifting and moving needs

  • Options for both high and low lifts – even for large users

  • User-friendly – simple to operate via either remote control or operating panel